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The version 3:40 download file (PDMSB340.exe) is approximately 5.2 megabytes and, of course, the download time is dependent upon the type of access you are using. It is programmed to extract all files to a temporary directory where you will be able to access ReadMe.htm for last minute information prior to installation. When you are ready to install, just run the setup.exe program in the temporary directory. InstallShield will perform a normal setup. The purpose of this two step process is to allow for upgrades without destroying any ScrapBooks you may have installed.

Size of the temporary directory (PDMSBTEMP) as well as the final application directory (PDMSB) is approximately 22 megabytes. Total disc space required during installation equals 44 megabytes or so. Of course the download file and the temporary directory may be removed after installation.

While every effort has been expended to test this application under a variety of conditions, SandS Software, Inc. can not make any guarantees regarding suitability in your particular setup. By downloading this file you are confirming your ability to understand the risks and that you accept responsibility for installation on your hardware.

I recommend that you download to a DVD disc and install on that disc. You can transfer to your harddrive later, if satisfied with the product.

Download Version 3.40 - build 02/09/2011
please contact me for assistance.