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Special Note: An early release of Version 4.00 for Windows 7 is available on the Download page -- if you dare!!

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I was talking to a consultant the other day, and he told me that I should jazz up my web site with some pictures -- so here goes.

PDMSB comes with my ScreenSaver which reveals one of my side interests, with the understanding that one of your first tasks upon installation is to replace my photos with a collection of your own. Complete instructions are included in the context sensitive help system.

That consultant also said that I should tell you what I am selling. Well, I'm selling (well, not exactly selling -- it's free) a database system. I say system because it is a database of databases. The F7 function key above, or on your keyboard, brings you directly to a list of databases, Audio, Video, Photo, etc., which you may change to suit your personal needs.

Why a database, you ask?? Because that is precisely what computers were designed for -- acquiring, storing, manipulating and displaying data. If you use a computer at work, most likely you are working with a database -- inventory, employee, customer, vendor information.

The problem with the present system is that you are storing a digital object -- photo, video, audio, e-mail, letter in a directory (folder) on your hard disk. You must remember where you put the object or you must rely on some kind of search engine. When the object is removed from your hard disk you loose track of it.

With a database, you establish a computer record that describes the object, and it's location, with some additional data that allows for easier access. The information about the object stays in the same place even when the object is removed. 

Using a database must be a workable system as businesses have been using databases since long before the Personal Computer was invented.

Let's take a look at the help system - click here.

Doug Skoglund
SandS Software, Inc.