Personal Digital Multimedia ScrapBook

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This window is the starting point for all activity in the
Personal Digital Multimedia ScrapBook, PDMSB, system.
Simply press the F1 Function Key to get a complete explanation
of your numerous options.

Since the PDMSB system is designed to replace the DeskTop,
the ScreenSaver collection of photos, including the above photo,
is easily replaced by a collection of your personal photos,
one more step toward personalizing your Personal Computer.

And, of course, your name will replace mine in the title bar.

PDMSB is deep in the process of update and will be for quite
some time unless I can get some programming help. My hope is
to sell all or part of SandS Software, Inc. If you are interested
in a glimpse of the software of the future, and have a hand in it's
development, you may download Version 340. Just click on
the Download link above, -- It's FREE!!!